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Sub-Series I - 1992


NATO International Scientific Exchange Programme

The NATO Science Series / NATO ASI SERIES publishes books which are the outcome of meetings supported by the NATO Science Programme. These meetings are generally of two different types, namely Advanced Study Institutes (ASIs) and Advanced Research Workshops (ARWs).

The NATO Advanced Study Institutes are mainly post-doctoral level teaching activities whose objective is to disseminate advanced knowledge not yet in university curricula and to foster international scientific contacts through high-level teaching courses. Publications of their results are valuable text books.

The NATO Advanced Research Workshops are mainly gatherings of senior researchers organized to assess the state-of-the-art in a given scientific area and to formulate recommendations for future research. Publications of their results are excellent sources for scientists wishing to engage in new fields of research.

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I 2
The Last Deglacation: Absolute and Radiocarbon Chronologies
Edited by E. Bard, W.S. Broecker. Proc. of ARW, Erice (Italy) , 1990
1992, 344 pp. ISBN 3-540-53123-8 / 0-387-53123-8
published by: SPRINGER-VERLAG ORDEROrder the Book Today!

I 3
Start of a Glacial
Edited by G.J. Kukla, E. Went. Proc. of ARW, Cabo Blanco, Mallorca (Spain) , 1991
1992, 351 pp. ISBN 3-540-54585-9 / 0-387-54585-9
published by: SPRINGER-VERLAG ORDEROrder the Book Today!


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