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by Dr. J. Snoxell, JDS Associates, Nr. Lydney (U.K.)

Technology now affects almost every aspect of water supply management, operation, planning and design; the pace of development means that assessing what is "new" is sometimes difficult. Old ideas can now be applied because of new technology; technology is now revealing problems that were unnoticed ten years ago. Some emerging technologies promise much but are still underdeveloped for use in real world situations, while it should be remembered that "new" technology depends upon the state of development in individual countries.

This book (NATO ASI SERIES 2-15) is a wide-ranging review of technology as it is currently being used across the whole range of water supply activities and in different contries and cultures. The book will provide readers with a unique opportunity to quickly update themselves on the current state of technology as it is applied in the most advanced countries and also with a distinct European and US perspective.

The volume covers the whole range of activities in water supply management and the nine chapters have been organized to present the reader with a comsprehensive guided tour of the water supply business. The chapters cover: new techniques for meeting ever- increasing demand for water, including recycling; transfer of water over long distances, pipeline construction, system control and informatics. Two chapters are devoted to perhaps the most topical of subjects - new technologies as they are currently being applied in water treatment and a review of emerging problems and technologies.

The technologies used for diagnosis and rehabilitation of existing systems are reviewed and a chapter is devoted to the modelling of water supply systems. Advances in the management of transient flows are covered and the uses of GIS in water supply have a chapter devoted to them.

Finally, in a book mainly devoted to engineering and scientific technology, a chapter focuses on the institutional, social and economic factors now affecting water supply, a particularly topical contribution which reviews such subjects as privatisation, pricing, quality systems and organisational frameworks.

Overall this book is a timely review of the current situation in a fast-moving subject and provides the reader with a clearly written and well-researched means of keeping abreast with technological progress in the water supply business.
Reference books: 2-7, 2-9, 2-15, 2-17, 2-20, 2-24, C222, C224, D11, E124, E180, E191, E237, G26, G29

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