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by Professor M.A. Prelas, University of Missouri, Columbia/MO (U.S.A.)

The NATO Advanced Research Workshop on "Wide Band-Gap Electronic Materials" was held in Minsk, Belarus in May of 1994. The goal of this workshop was to bring together the strong community of materials scientists in the Former Soviet Union with their western counterparts in this dynamic field. The Former Soviet Union has been characteristically strong in the development of wide band gap electronic materials and this meeting was particularly timely because of this field's rapid development and commercialization. The results of the meeting are published in the Partnership Subseries of the NATO ASI Series (NATO ASI SERIES 3-1).

Many of the important issues facing the development of diamond, aluminium nitride, and cubic boron nitride were discussed and as a result, the state of the art in the eastern and western scientific communities was better understood.
Reference books: 3-1, E164

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