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By Professor. H. Schlueter, Ruhr University, Bochum (Germany)

This volume is based on the lectures given at the NATO Advanced Study Institute, entitled "Advanced Technologies Based on Wave and Beam Generated Plasmas", held at Sozopol, Bulgaria, from May 22 to June 1, 1998, and also contains 43 poster presentations.

With its topics the Advanced Study Institute constitutes the first attempt to bring together in an organized manner three areas of work on plasma technologies: advanced efforts based on wave generated-high frequency-plasmas, on plasma assisted ion implantation and on electron beam generated plasmas.

This book (NATO ASI SERIES 3-67) encompasses all the branches linked in the progress from fundamentals to applications: from description and modelling of different plasma sources to technological use, from general diagnostics to methods related to technological control and operation of plasma reactors. Hence, the basis is shown in the application of sources in industry (for high technology, electronics, microelectronics, integrated circuit fabrication, plasma chemistry, lighting, new materials, optics, biomedical industry, aerospace industry, etc.), in detoxification of gases (or of environment, in general) and also in astrophysics, atomic physics, laser physics, accelerator physics and physics of microwave devices.

The first two reviews of plasma based new technologies emphasize recent developments in the sector of plasma imaging and acute applications of surface wave sustained discharges. Three lectures on the development of radio frequency light sources are linked to a detailed article. Great weight is also given to recent work concerning the treatment of surfaces by deposition, coating and thin film production. Current etching work is discussed in several contributions. The book reviews progress on different plasma sources, including cases with static magnetic fields. Important aspects (i.e. substrate biasing) are treated with regard to problems in applications. Specific reporting is also included on resulting ion energy properties and the behaviour of dusty plasmas.

Wave generated discharges are dealt with given the present level of modelling. The discharges are treated as nonlinear systems of selfconsistent interaction wave plasma. The regime of pulsed operation is touched upon. These reviews take into account aspects such as the role of noncollisional effects and important influences of atomic and molecular physics. The volume includes two articles on current atmospheric pressure high frequency discharges, with a subsequent review on current work with large diameter discharges.

Several lectures on the present status and progress in the field of plasma assisted ion implantation are also included in this volume.

The six lectures on the progress in use and application of electron beam generated plasmas are combined with two longer reviews, each centered around a different type of approach and aim.
Reference books: 3-67, B79, B327

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