at the End of November 1999 !

Also in 1999 the NATO ASI SERIES publishers made available through PCO volumes of the NATO ASI SERIES for classroom use at interesting prices.

Under the TUTORIAL SALES SCHEME scientists could purchase copies of the NATO ASI SERIES at the preferential rate of US $ 40.00 per volume under the following conditions:

Since this special rate also includes the costs of handling and mailing by surface mail, it is understood that all the above conditions must be fulfilled! PCO reserves the right to reject orders which do not appear entirely justified! After approval PCO will forward the order and the total sum to the publisher of the volume, who will be responsible for the execution of the order.


I herewith order ___________ copies of the NATO ASI SERIES volume entitled:

" _______________________________________________________________________________________ "

at the preferential rate of US Dollars 40.00 per volume.

I am enclosing a cheque in the amount of _______ US Dollars.

The volume will be for classroom use. The title of the course is:

" _______________________________________________________________________________________ "

It will be given at:

" _______________________________________________________________________________________ "

in 19 ___ .

I certify that the above statements are correct.

DATE: ____________

SIGNATURE: _____________________________






The ORDER FORM and accompanying payment should be sent to:

NATO ASI SERIES Publication Coordination Office (PCO)
Elcerlyclaan 2
B-3090 Overijse / Belgium
Tel: +32-2-687.66.36 / Fax: +32-2-687.98.82

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