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by Dr. J.H. Argyroudi_Akoyunoglou, NCSR `Demokritos', Athens (Greece)

The subject of chloroplast biogenesis has experienced great progress in recent years, mainly thanks to the application of molecular biology techniques and methodology. New findings that emerge gradually unravel the signal transduction chain leading from photoreception to gene expression, the transport of nuclear_coded chloroplast proteins into the plastid and their assembly into water_soluble stroma enzyme complexes or thylakoid membrane_bound supramolecular pigment_protein complexes, and the regulatory mechanisms involved in the assembly, stabilization, growth and adaptation of the photosynthetic units.

This volume (NATO ASI SERIES A226) contains the Proceedings of a NATO Advanced Research Workshop on the subject of the regulation of chloroplast biogenesis, that was held on the island of Crete, Greece, from July 28 to August 3, 1991. It includes about 90 papers, given as invited lectures or poster contributions by experts and students of the field, coming from 20 countries. The subject focuses on recent advances in the field of chloroplast biogenesis and the regulatory mechanisms underlined, and also summarizes the state_of_the_art in the following areas:

_Regulation of gene expression
_Import of nuclear_coded proteins into chloroplasts and the mechanism of chloroplast protein translocation
_Biosynthesis and origin of chloroplast pigments
_Photosynthetic unit assembly and its dynamic regulation
_Adaptation mechanisms in plants and algae
_Genetic manipulation as a means of monitoring assembly and function.

The volume contains a full author and subject index. While primarily intended for researchers concerned with the regulation of chloroplast biogenesis, development and differentiation, this book will also prove useful and suitable for graduate courses in the field.
Reference books: A91, A140, A149, A168, A226, H47, H50, H55

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