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by Dr. A. Gonis and Dr. G.M. Stocks, LLNL, Livermore/CA (U.S.A.)

Although surfaces and interfaces form usually only a small part of a material, they often play a dominant role in determining materials properties. This realization has provided the impetus for a great effort, both experimental and theoretical, to understand the mechanisms by which surfaces and interfaces influence the physical, chemical, and mechanical properties of solids. Such an understanding is particularly relevant at a time when technology is relying more and more on the use of films whose properties are obviously dominated by the presence of surfaces and interfaces.

The present volume (NATO ASI SERIES B300) includes the lecture material presented at a NATO Advanced Study Institute on the topic of `Equilibrium Structure and Properties of Surface and Interfaces'. Experimental techniques for determining surface structure and properties, such as X_Ray diffraction, Scanning Tunneling Microscopy, Low Energy Electron Diffraction, and Neutron Scattering were presented along with phenomenological and first_principles theoretical studies of surface and interface effects. The latter included both computer simulation methods as well as studies based on the solution of the Schrodinger equation. It is expected that this volume will make available to interested scientists a review of the field associated with the study of a wide class of surface and interface phenomena.

The present volume can be viewed as a natural continuation of the material addressed at a previous NATO ASI, published by Plenum (Volume B42) and can be taken to be part of a more extensive set of ASI proceedings, some of which are currently in preparation. For example, the ASI on `Statics and Dynamics of Alloy Phase Transformations', scheduled for publication by Plenum early in 1994, could provide further relevant information into materials properties.
Reference books: B42, B179, B191, B300, B319, E134, E243

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