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By Professor M. Pons, Dept. Quimica Organica, University of Barcelona (Spain)

The challenge of developing large but well characterized discrete systems for technological or other applications is being met by exploiting non-covalent interactions between smaller sub-units to form unique supramolecular structures. These structures are in most cases inherently dynamic and depend on the experimental conditions under which they are studied. NMR is probably the most powerful tool for structure determination in solution and is still a growing field that is being shaped by the demands on different application areas. Notably, the development of NMR techniques has been strongly linked to that of structural molecular biology.

The NATO Advanced Research Workshop "Applications of NMR to the Study of Structure and Dynamics of Supramolecular Complexes" was held in Sitges (Spain) in 1998 within the NATO Special Programme on Supramolecular Chemistry and brought together specialists in synthetic supramolecular chemistry and NMR as well as some of the leading scientists that have had a profound impact in the development of the NMR tools that have contributed to the present success of structural molecular biology.

This volume (NATO ASI SERIES C526) provides a timely account of the challenges faced in the structural characterization of supramolecular compounds, and of the NMR methods that are presently available, or being developped, to adress them.

This volume will be of interest to researchers and students in the fields of supramolecular chemistry and NMR and should help their mutual interaction. A number of examples from biological supramolecular systems serves to illustrate the inspiring influence of biological systems in the development of novel supramolecular systems and the NMR methods needed to study them.
Reference books: C457, C473, C485, C510, C526, C527

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