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by Dr. E. Guazzelli, ESPCI-PMMH, Paris (France)

Mobile particulate systems involve the mechanics, flow and transport properties of mixtures of fluids and solids. These systems are intrinsic to the rheology of emulsions and suspensions, flocculation and aggregation, sedimentation and fluidization, flow of granular media, nucleation and growth of small particles, segregation, attrition and solidification processes. Because of its diversity, the field has been studied by a number of different disciplines (e.g. chemical or civil engineering, mechanics, hydrodynamics, geophysics, condensed matter and statistical physics, etc.). This book (NATO ASI SERIES E287) has been initiated by a NATO Advanced Study Institute held in Cargese (Corsica/France) in July 1994. It features general knowledge lectures and advanced topics covering state-of-the-art scientific approaches to the study of suspension, fluidized beds, sedimentation and granular flow.
Reference books: C369, E27, E152, E287

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