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by Professor J.A.C. Covas, University of Minho, Braga (Portugal)

Successful modelling of polymer processing requires a sound understanding of both the mathematical modelling of some particular flows, and the physical (rheological) modelling of the materials involved. It is based on the (numeric) resolution of the continuum mechanics equations, supplemented by appropriate constitutive hypotheses, under both geometric and operating constraints.

This book (NATO ASI SERIES E302) presents the state-of-the-art regarding the rheological fundamentals of polymer processing. In order to provide an integrated and complete view of both subjects, it includes a number of contributions from expert rheologists in those fields more relevant to polymer processing, as well as from polymer processing experts.

Updated fundamental and applied information on the rheological properties of polymers, particularly those relevant to processing is presented, followed by contributions to the physical understanding and the mathematical modelling of polymer processing routines. The frontiers of present knowledge and trends for future research are thoroughly discussed.
Reference books: C51, C94, C123, C182, C215, C292, C293, C326, C405, E89, E206, E230, E302

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