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by Professor E. Coronado, University, Valencia (Spain)

Molecular magnetism has grown vastly and major developments have occurred in the last ten years. Thus, the chemistry has shifted from the design of molecular aggregates to the supramolecular assembly of these magnetic fragments in order to develop new classes of molecular materials which can be important in the frame of their applications (magneto-optical devices, biomedical applications, molecular electrons, ...). This book (NATO ASI SERIES E321) provides a comprehensive survey of the current state-of-the-art in this area of research.

The book starts with a presentation of the new concepts, theories and specific physical techniques required to investigate the molecule-based magnetic materials. In the second part the many different classes of known magnetic molecular materials are presented in connection with their physical properties and potential applications. The most novel feature of this text is that for the first time the whole field is brought together including not only the magnetism associated with localized magnetic moments, but also that relative to itinerant electrons.
Reference books: B168, C140, C484, E198, E321

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