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by Professor Y. Fisher, University of California-San Diego, La Jolla/CA (U.S.A.)

From a handful of papers in the late 80s to more papers than normal people ought to read, the field of fractal encoding and analysis has blossomed. This book (NATO ASI SERIES F159) contains the fruit of that blossom (what does than mean? perhaps that many of the articles in the book are germane). It contains, roughly, a portion of the proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on Fractal Image Encoding and Analysis, held in Trondheim, Norway on July 8-17, 1995. Many excellent talks were given at the conference, and this book contains a selection of the invited speakers' presentations. A large group of participant speakers could not be accommodated in this book, and their papers are published separately in a special issue of a journal published by World Scientific Publishers.

This book is also a sort of "enhanced" sequel to "Fractal Image Compression: Theory and Application", also published by Springer Verlag. It's enhanced because it contains a good amount of material on fractal image analysis, a topic that the previous book didn't cover at all. It's also enhanced because it contains a wealth of new and interesting results in fractal image encoding.

The following topics are discussed in the fractal image encoding portion:
- the relationship between wavelet coders and block-based fractal coders;
- the relationship between VQ coders and block-based fractal coders;
- orthogonalization and subsampling in fractal coding;
- the fractal dimension of the attractors of simple fractal coders;
- nearest neighbor search optimization of fractal coding and linear time fractal coders;
- fractal video coding;
- generalized fractal coders;
- fractal coding of ECG signals.

The following topics are discussed in the fractal image analysis portion:

- dimension of fractals and multifractals;
- discussion of length, dimension, and various fractal measures;
- local multiscale characterization of edges using wavelets;
- fractal analysis of various data (such as mammograms and chinese landscape paintings);
- an introductin to multifractal analysis of images.

More information about this book and fractal image encoding can be found at http://inls.ucsd.edu/y/Fractals/.
Reference books: C235, C346, E100, F159

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