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by Professor J.G. Dash, University of Washington, Seattle/WA (U.S.A.)

A 1997 Advanced Study Institute brought together a broad group of scientists to discuss recent advances in the physics of ice and its important environmental manifestations. Ice in its various forms affects a significant fraction of the globe and most of its people. Topics discussed and included in the proceedings (NATO ASI SERIES I56) are: the surface thermodynamics and growth kinetics of ice, frost heave, the dynamics of glaciers, the role of sea and lake ice in climate and regional weather trends, ozone destruction, effects on agriculture, hazards to travel, pollution in the Arctic, ground freezing for waste management, and planetary ice. For many topics, lecturers could show how these large-scale phenomena involve fundamental molecular and thermodynamic properties of ice. The disciplines represented included astronomy, atmospheric science, chemistry, engineering, geology, geophysics, oceanography, mathematics and physics. Due to the great diversity of disciplines, the lectures were designed for a general scientific audience, and therefore the collection can be useful to students and non-specialists.
Reference books: B146, I56

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