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by Dr. M. Forte, Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland/OR (U.S.A.)

An Advanced Research Workshop on `Molecular Biology of Mitochondrial Transport Systems' was held at Il Ciocco/Lucca (Italy) in September 1992. The resulting volume (NATO ASI SERIES H83) represents the first comprehensive analysis and comparison of mitochondrial transport systems. These processes are essential to mitochondrial function and therefore to energy homeostasis with the cell. Articles describe studies utilizing the techniques of biochemistry, physiology, molecular biology and genetics to generate a comparative picture of the structure and function of individual transport systems. Specific chapters describe the mechanisms underlying proton translocation, the structure and function of individual carriers and transporters, characterization of mitochondrial ion channels, detailed studies on the structure of the outer mitochondrial channel VDAC, and the analysis of these molecules in humans and their relation to various disease states. These multidisciplinary studies point out the need for an integrated approach to the study of these essential systems in mitochondria.
Reference books: H83

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